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All the projects that the society’s members work on is public. The repositories are located here. Currently our meetings are held in the STC 398 Thursdays @ 6pm


Fall 2017

NEO the Learning Softbot

Neo is an agent designed to interact and learn from objects in its environment. Its framework is built upon concepts in Agent Oriented Programming which allow its source code to be completely autonomous from the environment (it can be placed into a new environment without breaking). The code for this project can be found here.

Fall 2016

Autonomous Remote Control Car

An RC car is made to autonomously traverse to the end point given to it on a map which is also provided. The map is analyzed and the optimal path is found using a popular pathfinding algorithm, called Dijkstra’s algorithm. This project is implemented in C++. A Raspberry Pi 3 is used to control to car. The source code and the wiki can be found in the repository.

Digit Classifier

A neural network is implemented from scratch in C++(or python) to analyze handwritten digits from a picture. The project will begin working with simple images and scale up towards HD images.

Bot Arena

Using the Pygames module to build a virtual arena in Python, two teams (Red & Blue) will develop their gaming A.I. agent to battle one another to the death. Different algorithms used for game character development will be implemented in order to create the most adaptable agent for the arena.

Words Are Things

This project involves building data structures for Natural Language Processing(NLP). Designing abstract data types for “words” and “sentences”, the team will create a program which takes pseudo-code commands from a user and creates compiling Python code.


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